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Leo: July 23-August 22

Wear this oil to enhance the aspects of Leo or attract its qualities--drama, personal magnetism, individuality, hedonism, dignity, romantic, loyalty, self-awareness.

Contains essential oils of Frankincense, Rose, Lemon, Patchouli and Balm of Gilead and Musk fragrance oil in Jojoba oil. Made when both the sun and moon were in Leo.

Frankincense is instrumental for astral, dream, and psychic work, and divination and reaching higher levels of awareness. It helps to focus energy and enhance concentration for magic work. It’s instrumental for clairvoyance and communication with spirits. It’s effective for banishing negativity, providing psychic protection. It brings clarity, courage, release and success, and attracts love and happiness. It’s associated with balance, comfort, control, renewal and transformation.

Musk creates an aphrodisiac effect, helping to instill desire in another or yourself and attracts prosperity.

Rose attracts love, heightens desire and passion, and increases fertility and fidelity. It's a powerful aid for divination and encouraging prophetic dreams. It's associated with confidence, courage, creativity, power, self, and strength.

Lemon helps to provide a clear perspective, raises awareness, increases psychic abilities and inspires movement. It’s helpful for communicating and connecting with spirit guides and manifesting abundance, happiness and well-being. It’s associated with confidence and kindness.

Patchouli is grounding and enlightening. It aids in transcending boundaries. It's associated with spirituality. It's especially supportive for clairvoyance and divination. It increases lust. Known for engendering happiness, it dispels negativity. It can help manifest your wishes and bring success. It's associated with justice, luck, passion and purpose.

Jojoba oil brings beauty, comfort and healing. It builds strength and determination, and aids in success of purpose. It increases abundance and money. It's associated with cycles and longevity.

Handcrafted in Minneapolis.

1/2 oz amber glass bottle.

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