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Capricorn: December 22-January 19

Wear this oil to enhance the aspects of Capricorn or attract its qualities--hilariousness, ability to manipulate people and events, luck with money, status, determination, ambition, practicality.

Contains essential oils of Valerian, Pine, Ylang Ylang, Galangal, and Wisteria fragrance in Jojoba oil. Made when both the sun and moon were in Capricorn.

Valerian is purifying, and provides protection for the home, bringing peace, stability and happiness. It opens the lines of communication for resolving problems and is a healer; boosting vitality and longevity. It’s associated with cycles and kindness.

Pine is well known for purification, which works for releasing negative energy. It is also well known for its association with cycles, beginnings, fertility and renewal. It's associated with friendship, desires, longevity, truth and well-being.

Ylang ylang promotes positive energy, is ideal for divination and is associated with balance, healing, the home, and determination.

Galangal is great for psychic and astral work. It’s ability to stimulate can be used for luck, love, lust, or passion. It’s helpful in returning negativity back to those who initiate it. It’s associated with the Otherworld, longevity, secrets, stability, strength, and well-being, and heightens awareness.

Wisteria brings good vibrations and positive energy.

Jojoba oil brings beauty, comfort and healing. It builds strength and determination, and aids in success of purpose. It increases abundance and money. It's associated with cycles and longevity.

Handcrafted in Minneapolis.

1/2 oz amber glass bottle.

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